"I Pray for Rain"

"I Pray for Rain", 1996, Acrylics on Canvas, 44 x 22 in., by David Jay Spyker

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Acrylic on Canvas
44 x 22 in.
Collection of the Art Center of Battle Creek, Battle Creek, Michigan

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Best of Show Award, 1997, 10th Michigan Art Competition, Holland Area Arts Council; Holland, Michigan (Juror: Jerry Peart)

2nd Place Award, 1998, 19th Michigan Artist’s Competition, Art Center of Battle Creek; Battle Creek, Michigan (Juror: Tim Lowly)

“I Pray for Rain and The Haven are two of the most powerful pieces to be included in the show. They are haunting, violent pieces that very effectively convey a sense of despairing loss and destruction. The viewer will find himself unable to look away from these highly charged and emotional pieces.”– Roxanne Barry,
from “Artist’s Competition shouldn’t be missed”,
published Sunday, July 19, 1998; Battle Creek Enquirer

"I Pray for Rain", 1996, Acrylics on Canvas, (detail), by David Jay Spyker

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