"Adrift", 2001, Acrylics on Canvas, 14 x 24 in., by David Jay Spyker

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Acrylic on Canvas
14 x 24 in.
Private Collection: Saugatuck, Michigan

art, painting, houses, water, rain, storms, seascape, mortality, power of nature, man in nature’s thrall

“‘Adrift’, for instance, depicts a house at the mercy of a sea squall, and the building somehow appears more vulnerable to ruin than a human victim might. ‘ A person has the power to swim’, the artist reflects. ‘It’s not usual to see a house floating in the water. You wonder, how’d it get out there? I like to take a structure out of context, to put it where it doesn’t belong.’ This incongruity prompts the viewer to consider what the house might represent: A person? An idea or belief? A community? All life on Earth (think of Noah’s Ark)? Spyker prefers to leave that question open.”

– Julie York Coppens, from “What Dreams May Come”,
a review of the artist’s solo show
at the South Bend Museum of Art, published on Sunday,
December 21, 2003 in the South Bend Tribune

"Adrift" (detail), 2001, Acrylics on Canvas, 14 x 24 in., by David Jay Spyker

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